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Lighting Designs & Projects

There’s nothing like seeing a creative LED project to inspire and show you what’s possible in LED lighting designs. In these informative articles, you’ll see how homeowners and businesses have used LED lighting in creative ways to not just illuminate, but to engage the senses. Whether you’re embarking on a lighting project to beautify your home, boost your business, or supercharge your trade show booth, you’ll find many practical ideas and will see them in action.

In your private residence, you can use creative lighting for both decorative and functional purpose. Learn how to use LED accent lights in your home and garden, and see how lighting a bookshelf can be both extremely practical and stunning. Crown molding LED indirect lighting creates ambience, while toe kick lighting and under-cabinet lights are innovative solutions for the modern kitchen. You’ll learn how deck and balcony lighting with LEDs is a smart choice for private homes, hotels and restaurants.

Businesses that want to add a touch of pizzazz to their building and landscaping will find valuable resources here. From creative ways to use LED lights and trade show light installations to waterfall and architectural lighting, we show you what’s possible with extremely versatile LED lighting. Outdoor lighting isn’t just for decorative purposes. In our article “The Benefits of LED Lights in Parking Lots” we illustrate why LED luminaires are far superior to traditional HID lamps.

In our extensive LED lighting resources, you’ll find complete information explaining the technology, articles that compare it with traditional light sources, and a wide range of illustrated uses for LED lighting in all areas of your home and business. We believe that educating our clients about the benefits of LED lighting helps them to make more informed, smarter choices; choices that not only have a stunning visual impact, but also a substantial impact on the bottom line.