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LED Neon Flex vs. Traditional Glass Neon

  LED Neon Flex Ø8 Glass Neon LED Neon Benefits Over Glass Neon
Parameter Color: Pure White,
Length: 3'
Color: White,
Length: 3'
Light Source LED Neon Gas Fluorescents
LED is a solid state semiconductor technology which offers great benefits in energy savings and environmental protection.
Input Voltage 24V/120V 3KV-18KV
LED Neon Flex has only normal AC voltage considerations and is safer.
Lifespan(hrs) up to 30,000 10,000
LED Neon Flex lasts up to 3X longer.
Lumens Depreciation (Rating) L70 Unknown
LED Neon Flex lumens depreciation should not occur to at least 3X longer than the normal life of glass neon.
EMI (Electro Magnet Interference) Low High
LED Neon Flex creates insignificant EMI compared to glass neon.
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/Watt) 36.1 Lm/W 35 Lm/W
3% higher
Lm/Foot Up to 90 Lm/ft 59.15 Lm/ft
LED Neon Flex Lm/Ft output exceeds that of glass neon by as much as 52%.
Environmental Considerations No Mercury pollution Mercury pollution
LED Neon Flex is safe for the environment and the public as it contains no toxic materials like mercury, which is found in glass neon.
Installation Easy/Entry Skill Level Difficult / Requires Master Craftsmanship Skill Level
LED Neon Flex is flexible and easy to cut, bend, and shape; unlike glass neon, which requires a master craftsman level of experience to produce, shape, and install.
Flexibility Flexible Rigid
LED Neon Flex is a highly flexible solution that requires no heating to bend or shape.
Durability Extremely durable Fragile/breakable
LED Neon Flex is made of high quality, flame retardant PVCs and is flexible, unlike glass which shatters easily.

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