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Occupancy Sensors

Install low profile ceiling and wall mount occupancy sensors in your commercial, industrial, or residential space and reduce your energy consumption by as much as 60 percent. These sensors are ideal for less-used rooms, including storage areas, conference rooms, garage spaces, hallways, restrooms, and break rooms, as well as large warehouses where you don’t need all fixtures on at all times. 360 degree sensors can cover areas as large as 2,000 square feet, which is more than enough for most standard rooms. Ceiling mounted and wall switch sensors can have an ultra-low-profile design and are designed to blend with the surrounding décor. Occupancy sensors can turn the lights on and off not only based on occupancy, but also based on ambient light levels in the room. This allows you to maximize your use of natural daylight so you’re never wasting electricity.

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Occupancy sensors commonly use two methods to offer superior sensor capabilities. Passive infrared (PIR) sensors detect occupants by observing the difference in heat signatures of a moving subject versus the background environment. Ultrasonic sensors detect occupants by emitting ultrasonic sound waves into the room and measuring the rate at which they return; similar to sonar. PIR sensors are suitable for most enclosed spaces, and require a line-of-sight to the sensor. Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for areas where direct line-of-sight is not possible, such as open offices with partitions or dividers.

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