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Landscape Lighting

Whether you need safety-enhancing step lights or attractive LED path lights, having the appropriate landscape lighting and garden lighting is a smart choice for any home or business. Adding landscape lighting can solve a wide range of lighting concerns, including providing accent and security lighting in courtyards, gardens, patios and elsewhere. You may use area lights, path lights, brick and step lights and more to highlight architectural features of a building or provide security lighting for passersby around darkened outdoor spaces and plantings.

Business-owners, landlords and homeowners should always make sure they have the appropriate landscape path lights and brick and step lights to give guests targeted illumination around walkways, stairways, garden elements, barricades and more. A variety of top name brands make unique outdoor area lights and other solutions to match your outdoor décor and lighting requirements.

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Common types of outdoor landscaping lighting:

Area Lights

Landscape area lights mostly commonly come in the form of posts adorned with a top light portion, with a 360-degree light beam illuminating the area immediately nearby. Outdoor area lights are suitable for any environment where you want to uniformly illuminate a space, such as a garden or a small area of the ground. They may also be used to highlight architectural features, garden elements, benches and more, or may be placed alongside walkways and barricades to add brightness to darkened areas.

Multiple color temperature, light output, voltage, wattage and size options are available to match your specific needs. Area lighting is essential in both commercial and residential environments where an outdoor space is used when the sun goes down. Choose energy efficient LED area lights to enjoy a long lifespan and low operating costs in exterior spaces.

Path Lights

In contrast to area lights, landscape path lights feature a light that’s offset to one side of the post for targeted illumination of pathways, walkways, trails, and sidewalks. These are used to illuminate walkways and paths, providing guidance and security in the dark. The light post is positioned at the side of the path and the light output is projected onto the path. The right path light can also provide an aesthetically pleasing accent for your exterior decor.

Complement your pathway with a modern looking square bollard LED path light or enhance your colorful botanical garden with decorative path lights featuring artistic hats. No matter which finish, shape or style you choose, these path lights will increase the safety and quality of an outdoor walkway. They are essential for businesses that want to ensure customer safety in entranceways and outdoor spaces and are fitted with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs.

Step & Brick Lights

Brick lights and step/surface lights have different, but similar, purposes. They provide subtle downward-facing light that illuminates a surface below, such as a wall or step. Brick lights are often used in brick or masonry because these materials require added consideration in order to add visual interest and pops of light to the hardscape at night, and they are often the size and shape of bricks. Step lights or surface lights, which are often a smaller than brick lights, are positioned at the side of stairs or pathways to illuminate it (or in some cases, as part of each step to lights the treads of the step for safety while adding ambience).

Although brick and step lighting is a great way to ensure safety around your landscaping, gardening, or hardscaping, its also designed to add style and appeal to your outdoor environments. These solutions feature attractive finishes and inconspicuous shapes to blend in with your design and add illumination where it’s lacking the most. Use LED brick lights or surface mounted LED step lights to highlight your architectural design while saving money and energy.

Paver Lights

Recessed paver lights are a sophisticated and discreet way to add glowing ambient light to outdoor patios, driveways, sidewalks, and other walkways. They provide added safety at night with an elegant, sophisticated appearance that makes them perfect for hotels, inns, restaurants, country clubs and other public locations.

Newer recessed brick paver-shaped lights use advanced LED technology for energy efficient, long-lasting light. They’re designed to blend in and be perfectly level with the surrounding brick pavers. Paver lights can be safely walked over and driven over by cars. In addition to effectively lighting a walking path or driveway, recessed paver lights can be used as stunning accent lighting. Greatly enhance your commercial property’s walkways and driveways with high-quality, heavy duty recessed LED paver lights.

Up/Accent Directional Flood Lights

Small outdoor landscape up lights fixtures (sometimes called bullet lights) throw their light in an upward direction, flooding a vertical surface with light. This bright punch of light accentuates the surface that is being highlighted. One of the most basic types of landscape lights, these directional accent lights are also one of the most versatile. They can be used in variety of commercial and residential applications, from illuminating the front facade of your building or home, to highlighting trees and bushes in your garden.

In-Ground Recessed Well Lights

In-ground recessed lighting, also known as well lights, provide a great way to provide up-lighting of both softscape features such as trees and foliage and hardscape/architectural features such as retaining walls, columns, statues, exterior walls, signage, and even flagpoles. Well lights are recessed below, or flush with, the ground and are often used when standard above-ground lighting fixtures are not desired.

In-ground well lighting can inject an amazing vibrancy into your nighttime landscape lighting. For home and businesses with interesting architectural features such as colonnades, archways, or simply an exterior wall with an interesting texture, recessed well lights provide an inconspicuous method of illuminating these features. Well lights often have adjustable and rotatable optics, allowing you to point the light exactly where you need it. You can position the well lights a short distance away to flood the target object with light (great for statues and architectural features) Another common approach is to position them right at the base to graze the surface of the target with light (great for textured walls and columns), which creates dynamic shadows.

Another common use for well lighting is to illuminate tall vertical features such as flag poles and tree trunks. Because the light in embedded in the ground and is not visible from a distance, it does not detract from the beautiful visual of a lit-up flag and flagpole or an illuminated tree trunk and its textured bark or canopy of leaves. Likewise, in-ground lighting is great for signage that is low to the ground, such as signage mounted on a retaining wall at the entrance to a resort, golf club, or residential neighborhood. With a low profile and adjustable optics, well lights can light up the sign, yet stay out of the way so you don't have an unsightly landscape lighting fixture blocking part of the sign. And with LED bulbs and integrated LED panels, in-ground landscape well lights are more efficient that ever before and have more punch and optical control.