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With its German-born heritage and craftsmanship, Steinel Professional is known as one of the world’s most dependable brands for automated, energy efficient lighting controls, with a focus on excellent quality, user-friendliness, long life, and tremendous value. Those looking for a long-lasting solution to automated lighting throughout their facility will appreciate Steinel’s assortment of cutting-edge lighting controls and sensors, including occupancy detectors, outdoor motion sensors, high bay sensors, wall switches, and more. Not only does Steinel produce state-of-the-art lighting controls, but they also pioneer energy efficient lighting control power packs to keep all your controls in play.

Steinel presence detectors are some of the most advanced options on the market for business-owners who need exceptionally sensitive detection with the ability to detect the presence of people over a large area. These ceiling-mounted presence detectors are unique in that they often feature square or rectangular coverage shapes, rather than the standard round style, in order to provide better coverage in most indoor facilities, which tend to be either rectangular or square. Steinel also makes high-quality outdoor motion sensors with rugged, rain-tight housings and various configurations for installation outdoors on walls, ceilings, and canopies.

Those looking for occupancy sensors for specific applications — such as high bay occupancy sensors and fixture integrated sensors — will also find cutting-edge products under the Steinel Professional name. Use Steinel’s high bay sensors to integrate high-tech detection in all of your high and low bay applications. Steinel fixture integrated sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the fixture, which can add greater energy savings in each fixture location while providing additional control.

Steinel products are not currently available for sale through our website. However, we can help you decide whether or not Steinel is the best solution for your commercial lighting project if you contact us today for custom advice or get a quote through our website.

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