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Troy RLM

Troy RLM is one of the lighting industry's leading designers and manufacturers of RLM fixtures. RLM stands for "reflector luminaire manufacturer" and is typified as fixture with a spun reflector that reflects light downwards. Originally used in warehouses and factories, this style of fixture dates back to the early 1900s. Today, RLM fixtures are used across just about every type of vertical market including residential, commercial, retail, restaurants, hospitality, and more...and yes, still warehouses. They bring with them a retro-industrial design and vibe, which appeals to a lot of people, whether they be residents of a home or patrons of a restaurant or store.

Troy RLM has been making premium RLM fixtures in the USA for over twenty years. They offer a full range of RLM designs ranging from the classics of yesteryear to newer modern and postmodern re-imaginations of RLM design.

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