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Low Voltage Transformers

Low voltage light systems such as track lighting, monorail fixtures, rail lights, pendant lights, puck lighting, recessed lights and outdoor landscape and security lighting have become extremely popular in modern lighting setups. Using a lower 12-volt or 24-volt lighting system has several advantages. In outdoor systems, the lower voltage makes the light fixture a lot safer, especially in wet conditions, since it won’t produce an electrical shock if touched.

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For low voltage lights to operate properly, they require a low voltage transformer to step down the incoming 120V or 277V line voltage to the required 12 or 24 volts. Using a low voltage light fixture with the proper transformer extends its life and gives you optimal performance.

The two main types of low voltage transformers are:

  • Electronic – Usually less expensive and smaller in size, they are good for easy concealment or fitting into smaller spaces. Limited load capacity.
  • Magnetic – Bulkier and usually more expensive, but have a much longer lifespan than electronic transformers. High load capacity.

When sizing your low voltage transformer, pick a wattage capacity that is greater than the total wattage of the light fixtures that will be connected to it.

Your low-voltage landscape lighting requires special outdoor-rated transformers to function safely and properly in the face of adverse weather conditions. Landscape lighting transformers can be configured with add-ons to allow for the automatic operation through the use of timers and photo (light) sensors for a custom outdoor lighting controls solution. Each one is designed for long-term outdoor placement so you can power and control your landscape lighting without any added safety risks.

Select a transformer with an attached photocell for automatic operation of your outdoor lighting. Or if you prefer to use a timer to control your lights, choose from traditional mechanical timers, digital timers for high-quality programming, or astronomic timers for GPS-based control. And you can always choose no timer for easy manual operation using a built-in switch. Ensure safe and functional landscape lighting with durable and functional landscape power supplies.