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Suspended Linear Light Fixtures

Suspended linear LED lighting is a sleek, affordable way to add lighting to large commercial and industrial spaces with high ceilings. Most often recognized from their use with work areas and countertops, these fixtures are often used for conference rooms, factory floors, classrooms, outlet stores, cubicle farms in open offices, and other larger areas that need sophisticated direct and/or indirect lighting. This form of LED pendant lighting uses a narrow horizontal light bar similar to the fluorescent tubes seen in troffers or high-bays. Suspending it from the ceiling canopy using chains or wires gives it a modern minimalist look that is bright enough to use as general ambient or task illumination, depending on the configuration of the fixture.

We offer linear suspension lights that are built to industrial quality standards. The LED lamps will reduce operating costs and contain no harmful mercury or chemical. These long, wide fixtures offer certain advantages over regular pendants. They provide as much or more light than hanging several smaller lamps in the same space, and are much easier to install. Because they generally have a simpler and more refined aesthetic, they balance the architecture of the surrounding room and help tie the other decorative elements together. But you can also find suspended linear fixtures with curves and multiple lamps if you want to add some creativity.

Because they can be used in so many places, hanging linear fixtures can often be customized, giving you more control over your lighting design. Adjustable suspension lights let you change the height to accommodate the ceiling space, and some allow you to rotate the light to emphasize certain architectural features. Some fixtures can provide both uplighting and downlighting to fill an entire room. You can also get dimmable lights or low-voltage lights in various materials, wattages, UL listings, and finishes. Contact us to learn more about what options are currently available for your commercial lighting needs.

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