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Plug-In LED Lamps

Are you interested in upgrading your old CFL commercial lighting for greater energy efficiency and cost savings? LED plug-in lamps are a fast and easy retrofit solution and cost-effective alternative to traditional CFL plug-ins for commercial lighting applications such as downlights.

With ballast-compatible (aka "direct fit") LED lamps, all you need to do is unplug your old CFL and plug in the new LED lamp. No rewiring is required. Direct-fit LED plug-in bulbs are designed to work perfectly with the existing fluorescent ballast. This is the most affordable way to quickly upgrade your facility’s lighting, without needing to replace the entire light fixture.

Ballast-bypass lamps require the removal of the existing fixture ballast. While this requires more upfront labor, this style tends to have better long term ROI as you are removing the ballast as a future point of failure.

New hybrid bulbs can be used in either ballast-compatible or ballast-bypass installations.

LED technology is the smart choice for businesses. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, they come on instantly, consume less energy (50 percent less than CFL) and last much longer. LED lamps do not contain any mercury or lead, so they are safer to operate and dispose of. They meet the RoHS material restriction requirements.

Advanced LED technology eliminates wasted light, delivering a high-quality, targeted beam using fewer lumens. LED lamps have a longer lifespan than CFLs; up to 50,000 hours. These LED plug-in lamps are ideal for an office, medical facility, retail setting, or hospitality environment.

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