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Industrial Lighting

Industrial light fixtures are designed for heavy-duty, demanding, and/or high abuse situations. Warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, big box retail, storage areas, office buildings, and many other commercial and industrial environments are common examples of where you will find industrial lighting. Traditional industrial lighting used high output, and high wattage light sources such as metal halide and high pressure sodium. Updating your old light fixtures to energy efficient LED units can save you a considerable amount of money in utility and maintenance costs. We carry low bay and high bay lighting, shop lights and work lights, fluorescent and LED strip lights, and vaportight light fixtures, which are perfect for harsh working conditions.

High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures

For lighting warehouses and other large spaces, industrial high bay and low bay lighting is ideal. These kinds of fixtures produce powerful light, and we have these industrial lighting units available in various sizes, color temperatures, wattages, and outputs. Updating from traditional HID light sources to energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps or LED light fixtures will save you money in utility and maintenance costs. High bay light fixtures are designed for use in locations with very high ceilings (20 to 45 feet), such as gymnasiums, factories, big box retail stores, and warehouses. They offer uniform light and reduced glare. For ceilings 20 feet or less, low bay lights are recommended. These can be effectively used in laboratories, smaller storage facilities and workshops, where you still require bright light.

Shop Lights and Work Lights

Our LED shop lights are designed for task lighting applications, when you need to illuminate a specific location, such as a work table. Shop lights are frequently seen in packaging areas, on factory processing lines and in auto repair shops and garages.

Strip Lighting

Strip lights can be used for uplighting, such as cove lighting for an office building lobby, or as a downlight, mounted on a ceiling with the light shining downward. Highly affordable and energy efficient, fluorescent or LED strip lighting is a cost-effective way to provide high-quality light over a large area while reducing your company’s energy bill. The fixtures are often constructed from top-grade steel with a reflective finish, and the lights are available in different lengths. Fluorescent lamps reduce energy usage, while LED strip lights offer even greater cost savings.

Vaportight Fixtures

Are you looking for industrial lighting that can hold up in harsh work environments? Vaportight fixtures are resistant to dirt, moisture, and humidity, making them perfect for construction sites, bridges, outdoor platforms, entrances, and building exteriors.