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Industrial Highbay/Lowbay Fixtures

Illuminate a large volumes of space with high output industrial high bay and low bay lights. These powerful light fixtures are perfect for warehouses, gymnasiums, factories, storage spaces, big box retail stores, and back of house spaces in office buildings, hospitals, and hospitality projects. Having tall ceilings presents a challenge for traditional lights to generate enough light output to reach the floor. High bay lights are specifically designed with this in mind and can provide ample floor-level illumination even when mounted 40 feet in the air, or higher. Low bay fixtures provide a reduced amount of light output suitable for installations where the ceiling height is less than 20 feet.

Take Three Lighting offers high bay and low bay lights from a variety of top-tier manufacturers, including H.E. Williams, Orion, Halco, and more. High bay fixtures are available in a variety of color temperatures, with outputs ranging from 10,000 lumens to 60,000 lumens and more. By using energy-efficient fluorescent or LED fixtures, you are able to save a substantial amount of money over traditional industrial HID light sources. LED high bays can have amazingly high efficacy ratings, giving you more lumens per watt...and hence more bang for your buck.

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High bay lights are industrial style fixtures employed in vast areas with very high ceilings, such as big-box retail spaces, warehouses, factories, gymnasiums and other structures with ceilings between 20 and 45 feet high. Reduced glare and uniformity of illumination are two of the selling points of high bay lighting, which is both dense and intense compared to other types of lighting. High bays that are LED-based provide exceptional quality and energy efficiency that can lower utility costs. Fluorescent high bay lights distribute light effectively without glare, too, and typically come with less of an upfront cost than LED high bays. Both types will greatly reduce your monthly electric bill when replacing traditional HID high bay lights.

When you have a ceiling that is 20 feet or lower, low bay lights are the better option in order to spread the light out over a wide area. They are typically used in workshops, labs, and small storage facilities where, although the ceilings are not high, the need for bright illumination remains vital. High bay lights, on the other hand, are designed for ceilings heights above 20 feet and generally have more focused optics in order to ensure the light reaches the floor of your warehouse in order to provide proper footcandle levels.

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