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LED Tape Lights

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We offer complete LED tape light solutions from multiple manufacturers, with advanced LED tape lights from Core Lighting, Nora Lighting, American Lighting, and Prizm Lighting. Each tape light system has its own unique set of advantages. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right system for your project and getting a quote.

Get a Custom Tape Light Quote

Advanced tape light installations require thorough planning and attention to detail. Let us work with you for a customized LED tape light solution tailored to your commercial project.


LED tape lights (commonly called strip lights or ribbon lights) are different from normal LED rope lighting because they are thinner, more flexible, and have more light output per foot. Their versatility makes them a perfect lighting solution for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications:

  • Architectural accent lighting
  • Entertainment and theater cove lighting
  • Display case lighting
  • Trade show lighting
  • Concealed and back lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Signage and channel letter lighting
  • Security lighting
  • and much more!

Whatever project you use LED strip lighting on, youíll be saving a bundle because LEDs reduce energy costs and last much longer than normal lighting options.

Low Voltage

Since these LED ribbons are a low voltage product, so they will work in a variety of applications that line level voltage products will not:

  • Automobile border/contour lighting
  • Boat lighting
  • RV lighting

In addition to an increased range of applications, low voltage lights are also much safer to work with. Whether 12 volt or 24 volt, low voltage lights have only a fraction of the voltage running through them, after the transformer has stepped down the voltage, which reduces the shock hazard during installation.


Donít forget the driver! Low voltage LED strip lights require some sort of driver to step down the line level voltage to the proper voltage needed by the LED diodes, and switch from AC to DC current. Some drivers are small and unobtrusive, while others can be quite large. The size and weight of the driver/power supply is dependent upon the size of the power load it needs to handle. Generally, the longer of run of LED strips, the more power they draw, the larger the driver. Be sure to purchase a driver that is the appropriate size and capacity for your lighting project, and determine ahead of time where the driver will be located. Always refer to the product cut sheets and instructions for maximum run limitations.


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