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Accent Lighting

Bring a sense of beauty, fun, and creativity to your projects using LED accent lighting. Whether indoors or outdoors, give your business or residence a unique visual flair to set it apart. With a variety of colors and physical formats available, just about anything is possible.


LED accent lighting gives your home or business a unique look while increasing energy efficiency. Accent lighting is specifically designed to target and highlight a specific item or area of interest, making it ideal for any commercial or residential space. LED accent lights operate using up to 90 percent less power than standard incandescent lights, so it’s a smart solution for home- or business-owners in search of money-saving lighting solutions. Whether you need outdoor architectural accent lighting or LED indoor accent lights, LED manufacturers like American Lighting, Maxim Lighting and Jesco make products to suit your project.

LED rope lighting is a great way to bring economical accent lighting into your unique space. Available in multiple shades, colored LED rope lights can be used for everything from simple border lighting to special event lighting. Unlike a traditional rope light, LED rope lighting operates at a much lower wattage per linear foot (think 0.8 watts versus standard rope lights, which use 5 to 6 watts per linear foot), so they’re much more cost-effective. You can also use LED tape lights or LED hybrid lights (a blend of rope lights and tape lights), if you like the look of an LED rope light but need a higher brightness output or more installation options.

Flexible neon LED lights are another energy efficient lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces requiring versatile lighting design. LED neon flex lights are often used as a direct replacement for traditional glass neon lighting because they offer better performance, lower maintenance, and a significantly lower operating cost.

Shop Take Three Lighting for more LED accent lights, including DMX lights for spectacular color-changing effects, LED Christmas and holiday string lights, wall washers, and more eco-friendly and economical LED lighting solutions for commercial lighting, residential lighting, retail lighting and much more.