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Color Controllers

Acting as the "brain" of accent lighting setups, color controllers allow you to harness the power of multi-color RGB lighting systems. With solid colors, color sequencing, color fading, and a host of other possibilities, a good controller will bring your lights to life.

Not all controllers are compatible with all lights. Please contact us if you need assistance pairing lights with controllers.

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Know the difference between a "controller" and an "interface".

Controller: A controller acts as the brains of the operation and usually has pre-programmed effects built into it. Controllers usually connect directly to the first light in the sequence. A basic controller only controls the lights it is directly connected to and does not interact with other signals.

DMX Controller: A DMX master controller is a more advanced type of controller that is capable of far more complex effects and can interconnect between multiple types of light fixtures. Communication is done using an established standard protocol called DMX512. DMX controllers often come in the form of physical light boards with various channel sliders or software that gets uploaded to the memory of a small box that connects to the lights.

Interface: Sometimes a light fixture cannot understand the DMX512 signal coming from a DMX controller. In these cases, an interface box is required to bridge the gap and allow the light fixture to perform on the DMX network. In essence, the interface acts like a translator by accepting the incoming DMX512 signal and outputting a sequence of operations that the light fixture it is connected to will understand. (Turn on the red LEDs, now turn on the Green ones at 25%, etc.)