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Additional Services

We want to make sure you are getting the perfect lights for your project, with an end result that meets your needs and expectations. So in addition so supplying stunning luminaires and lighting controls to your job site, Take Three also offers a variety of additional services in order to provide a total solution package for our clients.

Design Assistance

Sometimes you know what you want in the end, but aren't sure how to get there. Happens all the time, to everyone, and lighting is no exception. You have an idea in your head of what the final result for your space should look like, but how do you make it a reality? What are best practices for light placement? With so many fixture options to choose from, which are the best ones for your needs?

It's a lot to consider, so let Take Three Lighting help. We will work to understand your goals for your project and help you select the best products based on a number of factors including your desired results, your budget, and our product experience and knowledge. Contact us today for a free project review and consultation.

Schematic Layout Diagrams

Often times, a great number of parts and pieces are required for a fully-functioning lighting system. From luminaires to power supplies to controls, it can sometimes be overwhelming to try and understand how everything is supposed to fit together or how it should be arranged in your space. Let us help by creating custom drawings for your project, such as wiring schematics, ceiling plans, or elevations. A helpful diagram that shows what parts are required, where they go, and how they work together can greatly simplify installation by reducing the amount of time spent trying to figure it out yourself in the field. And saving time in installation not only reduces labor costs, but just generally reduces stress and headaches.

ROI & Energy Saving Calculations

The goal of energy efficient lighting is to save energy and reduce our footprint on this planet. So how much are you saving? We can run the numbers for you. And we understand that in order for it to be worth your while to invest in a new energy efficient lighting solution, it has to provide you with a return on that investment.

Saving energy speaks. But saving dollars speaks even louder. We get that. Let us crunch the numbers for you and help you realize the benefits you'll be experiencing by upgrading to an LED system. These calculations are free and the reports are very helpful when convincing upper management to take on the costs of a new project.

Photometric Analysis

In some applications, it may be critical to understand the illuminance levels for a project. Whether you want to make sure there is an adequate amount of light at workstations in an office, or need to get a precise look at the light distribution of a spot light or wall washer along the outside of a building, a basic photometric analysis of your space will provide detailed information on light levels, beam spread, etc. Take Three will work with you to understand your requirements in each space and provide a light level analysis based on real fixture photometric information.

3D Rendering & Lighting Studies

You've got your space designed; you're pretty sure you know what lights are needed. But what will it look like?

Take Three can help you visualize the final results of your lighting project with detailed and realistic 3D renderings of your space. We'll work with you to gather information on the space in question including dimensions, materials, and lighting design in order to build out a fully rendered 3D model that you can use for lighting studies or presentations.