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LED HID Retrofit & Post Top Lamps

LED HID retrofit lamps and post top lamps, often referred to as "corn lights" or "corn cob" lights, are designed to be used as replacement lamps for your more energy-hogging HID lights (e.g. high-pressure sodium and metal halide). These units can be easily installed in a range of applications: post top lights like the lights you might see in an outdoor park or plaza; and shoebox lights like those commonly found illuminating parking lots; and high bay industrial lights. HID retrofits are an easy, affordable way to retrofit an LED solution into an existing fixture without replacing entire units with brand-new luminaires. Simply screw in the LED lamp and enjoy increased energy savings and efficiency through LED retrofitting.

For a smart alternative to your traditional metal halide and other high-wattage light sources, install high-performance, energy-efficient LED HID retrofit lamps (available for indoor or outdoor use). These bulbs are designed to be used in both base-up and base-down positions, and can be used in enclosed luminaires. Each high-quality HID retrofit comes with the appropriate base and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

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