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Photo & Daylight Sensors

Sensor controls with the ability to detect the absence or presence of sunlight can play a powerful role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your lighting system.

Daylight sensors (sometimes called light level sensors) work with interior lighting fixtures and are designed to either dim or turn off a connected light source depending on the amount of daylight coming into a space. The idea is that on bright sunny days where lots of light is flooding into a room or office from the windows, there's no need to fully illuminate the light fixtures near the windows. Save the energy; turn off the lights. Then when the sky gets cloudy and dark (or night falls), the daylight sensor will turn the lights back on.

Photo control sensors are an easy to implement solution for providing dusk-to-dawn operation for exterior lights. Whether used on exterior wall packs and parking lot lights at your business or outdoor sconces and flood lights around your home patio or garage, the ability to have your lights automatically turn on and off based on the amount of daylight can help increase security and provide a sense of "safety" around your property. Dusk-to-dawn lights can also help increase wayfinding in normally darkly lit areas. Different styles of sensors are best suited for different applications or light fixture types. Some will mount directly to a fixture itself, while others can be mounted to a standard junction box.

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