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Why Buy From Us?

We understand small business.

We understand small businesses because we are a small business, focused on small businesses, and focused on ROI.

Budgets are tight; you need to make every dollar count. Besides doing your part to reduce our carbon footprint in this world, the beauty of energy efficient lighting is that it saves you real money by lowering your utility bill each month. And those savings can add up.

That is why we are so focused on a project's return on investment and getting you (or your client, if you're a contractor) the most bang for your buck.

Project-Focused Flexibility

But to get those ROI calculations going, a key component is the initial cost of the fixtures. And this is where we really stand out. As a supplier of specification-grade fixtures, it is our job to make sure you get the perfect fixtures for your project at a great price.

And as a small business ourselves, we can stay nimble and dynamic in the fulfillment of our clients' projects. What do we mean by this? For one, we do not have a multi-million square foot warehouse stocked with hundreds of thousands of SKUs sitting on shelves. Products are custom ordered for our clients on a per-project basis. Most are even shipped direct from our manufacturers.

This approach greatly reduces our overhead, allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients. For contractors, this allows us to provide you extremely competitive quotes, giving you an edge in your overall bid to your client. For end users and owners purchasing direct from us, this methodology allows you to get state of the art LED fixtures at the lowest possible up front cost, increasing your return on investment.

LED lighting is constantly evolving and changing and fixtures are more and more customizable to suite the needs of individual projects. Our unique business model was designed with this evolving technology in mind. It allows us to always stay at the cutting edge and not be weighed down by trying to turn inventory, thereby having the flexibility to select the right solution for your project based on its unique requirements.

Beyond Supply

Besides just being able to ship fixtures to you, Take Three can provide our clients with a full range of lighting services to aid in proper luminaire selection, placement, and evaluation. From design to calculations to 3D visualizations, we want to help you bring your projects to life.

Whether you're a contractor looking for a competitive bid package to impress your client and win the job, or an Owner looking for maximum ROI on your facility's project, Take Three is your complete lighting solutions provider.