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Area Lights

Find the latest outdoor lighting designs for less at Take Three Lighting. We offer high mount area lights that illuminate large spaces such as parking lots, plazas, and roadways with ease. Replace your dated and inefficient HID or high pressure sodium lamp fixtures with our LED alternatives. LED area light fixtures are ideal to cut through the rain, fog, or snow, to deliver bright light that you can depend on for your parking lot, driveway, or walkway.

Get a Custom Quote for Area Lights

Contact us today and let us assemble a custom quote for your outdoor area lighting needs.

High quality LED area lights have many options and customizations to consider when purchasing. From lumen output to distribution to controls, let our team help you get the right fixtures for your project.

High-output LED lamps can replace energy-hogging traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps, netting you significant savings on your electrical bills. Forget replacing your bulbs after every power surge or storm. Our high quality LED fixutres are designed to last. The area lights are large enough to light an expansive space, yet small enough to maintain a sleek look. Manufacturer’s warranties come standard with all outdoor fixtures we sell, so you can purchase and install them with the utmost confidence in their performance and reliability.

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