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LED Tape-Rope Hybrid Lights

LED Tape-Rope Hybrid lights are a truly unique product and the next step of evolution in linear accent lighting.

Low voltage LED tape lights (also called strip lights or ribbon lights) are known for their very bright light output using SMD LED chips. However, they are not always the easiest lights to install. Line voltage LED rope lights, on the other hand, are quite easy to work with. But next to tape lights, their light output just doesn't compare.

Enter the hybrid.
Get the best of both worlds with high output LED chips running at 120V.

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Combining the high output SMD LED chips from tape lights with the line-level voltage of rope lights, these hybrid lights are a fantastic lighting product that can fit just about any project application need. The tape-rope hybrid is an economical choice, without the need for a separate transformer or driver. The line-level voltage also allows for maximum lengths from a single power source that you could never get from low voltage tape lights. And with their interconnectable nature of kits, installation is super easy!

Although you really want the bright and effervescent output provided by LED strip lights, you are averse to the hassle that they cause when trying to put them up. You could opt for LED rope lights, which are not nearly as cumbersome, but then you are settling for a dimmer, less brilliant look.

The happy medium exists with hybrid lights like the LED Tape-Rope Hybrid lights that represent the cutting edge of linear accent lighting. The LED Tape-Rope Hybrid lights are a blend of the high light output provided by SMD LED chips with the line-level voltage of rope lights. You won't need a separate transformer or driver, and you will be happy to find that, with the flexible LED strip, installation is not the hassle you might have experienced with tape lights in the past, thanks to easily interconnectable kits.

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