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Motion Sensors

Set lights to turn on whenever someone enters an outdoor area by using lighting motion sensors. These lighting controls electronically switch lights on whenever there is movement within the coverage area and then shut them off a certain amount of time after motion ceases. Most motion sensors controls use a passive sensor which detects the infrared heat waves that emit from moving objects.

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Motion sensor systems are commonly used for flood lighting, remote lighting, and decorative lighting. You can set the coverage area, sensitivity, time delay and other features to make them work best for your home or business. Many sensors have a special photocell that prevents the lights from turning on during daylight hours when they’re not needed. You can also manually override the sensor if you need the lights to remain on or off for an extended period.

Motion sensors (which are essentially outdoor occupancy sensors) have a number of practical uses in both residential and commercial applications. A motion sensor can be used to improve nighttime security by automatically lighting up building perimeters, courtyards, parking lots, and common entryways. By adding motion detectors for lights to walkways, stairwells, and pathways, businesses can make them safer while also reducing operating costs versus always-on lighting. They also reduce time spent searching for light switches when you go out onto a large deck, patio, loading dock or other outdoor area. We offer durable UL-listed motion sensors are available for your outdoor spaces for when you want lighting on an as-needed basis.

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