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Security & Flood Lights

Browse our growing selection of security and flood light fixtures to increase safety in your outdoor space. Whether you want to accent the front of your home or commercial building, or increase security on your property around your building, we have the LED outdoor security flood lights you need. Our top-quality lights will increase security and safety while saving you money each month. LED-powered lamps produce crisp, bright white light, yet use a fraction of the energy of traditional flood lights. Replace your outdated halogen lights with these LED alternatives for an ultra-durable and energy-efficient solution.

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When you replace an old metal halide or halogen fixture with an LED security flood light, you can expect that new fixture to consume less than a quarter of the energy of your old device. This adds up to considerable savings on your utility bills. LED flood lights are cooler to the touch than halogen bulbs and they’re very durable with no filament that can break. LED security lights will also last far longer than halogen or metal halide bulbs, greatly reducing your maintenance costs.

Some of the functional and decorative uses of this cost-effective LED flood lighting include illumination for walkways and parking lots, architectural features, and landscaping. You can also use them for outdoor signs and billboards. Whether you’re planning security lighting for a large private estate, resort, or manufacturing plant; or adding walkway lighting for an apartment complex, you’ll find the perfect fixtures for your application.

Flood lights and security lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of applications and spaces. From compact lights for small areas or niches to large-scale fixtures for illuminating expansive areas, find the affordable and energy-saving model you need for a low-maintenance way to secure and illuminate your property.