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Shopping Guides

These shopping guides were written for homeowners and business owners who are embarking on a new lighting project. There are many important things to take into consideration when planning a light installation, and the time you take beforehand to determine what you need and what you should purchase will save you considerable time and money. In these valuable lighting shopping guides, you’ll learn the basics about LED technology and how to convert a fluorescent tube to cost-effective and eco-friendly LED. Other LED buying guides include information about LED rope light bulb orientation and how to decide whether vertical or horizontal LED rope lights are the best choice for your application.

You’ll find a chart that compares LED Neon Flex with glass neon technology, detailed instructions on how to install rope lights and a buyer’s guide to light dimmers, with a full explanation about dimming technology. Read how to choose and install recessed downlights. For help in determining how many fixtures your application requires, see “How Much Light is Enough.” If you’re installing neon lights, tape light, rope lights, or flexible linear lights, these are typically installed by wiring them into sections. To determine the length that you need, see our linear light calculator. Are you a business owner? When researching different kinds of lighting for your retail store or industrial facility, we have articles that discuss what you should consider when looking at retail lighting, how to figure your return on investment, and how to determine if high-bay lighting is your best option.

Our articles about lighting technology and the latest lighting innovations are written by industry experts to help educate our client so that you can make more informed choices.