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Illuminate Your Deck, Not the Neighborhood

Rope lights under outdoor railings provide even illumination and add ambiance.

If you have a deck on your house, no doubt you enjoy sitting outside on warm summer evenings chatting and socializing with your friends. But as the sun fades over the horizon, you are faced with a dilemma. You can either turn on the house lights and have someone facing into the glare, switch on your outdoor floodlights and ruin the ambiance for everyone, or you can light up some portable electric or oil lamps on the tables which get in the way, cause glare and generate smoke.

If none of these options appeal to you, try investing in a simple solution that will not only generate ambiance but improve safety as well.

By installing led accent lighting on the underside of your deck railings (or around the edge of your deck if there are no railings) or maybe rigid LED light bars to the uprights, this will generate the even illumination and ambiance you want without causing disruption.

Consider adding rope lights to the front edge of stairs to avoid people stumbling in the dark, or around the edge of a hot tub. No one wants to see a guest or family member take a nasty tumble because of a misplaced step.

If all this sounds a bit much, LED rope lights are easy to install, weather resistant, contain no glass or harmful chemicals or metals, are attractive and generate no heat, while using only a fraction the energy of regular incandescent lights.

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