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Discovery's Construction Intervention

In March 2010, Take Three was honored to be a part of "Construction Intervention", a program on the Discovery Channel that finds businesses who are in danger of failing due to botched, delayed, or impossible construction jobs and rescue them from their construction woes with a rapid 4 day turnaround on a brand new renovation by their expert crew of contractors.

Take Three took part in the "Real Deal Barbershop" episode. Real Deal Barbershop is more than a place where Jersey City residents go to get their hair cut and styled; itís also a place where they go to get a meal or money if theyíve fallen on hard times. And, for those Jersey City residents who allege to know how to do commercial construction, Real Deal had been a prime target for a place to do work that isnít only sub-standard, but work thatís resulted in being a health hazard for anyone who entered the shop. The Construction Intervention crew did a complete overhaul of the building's basement and main barbershop floor, bringing it back up to code and modernizing it, while at the same time providing it with that great old-school, vintage feel. Take Three donated spools of LED rope lights for a cove lighting installation in a series of recessed indentations in the tin ceiling above the main barbershop area.

The Real Deal Barbershop episode was broadcast on May 21, 2010. "Construction Intervention" airs on the Discovery Channel; check your local listings.