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Creative Uses of LED Accent Lighting in Your Home and Garden

LED lighting works for a Rembrandt in a museum, itíll work great on your home artwork as well.


LED accent lighting can be used in many creative ways in your home. When it comes to artwork, LED lights are perfect because unlike incandescents, they donít emit any harmful ultraviolet rays, which can lead to fading. Normal daylight contains UV rays and so do incandescent lights, but this problem can be avoided with LED lights. So if you have a favorite, or perhaps delicate, piece of art that you want to preserve, consider lighting it with LED lights. If you want to preserve artwork done by kids, using LEDs to light it will create a great display and preserve the colors at the same time. Kids grow up so fast but you can keep the little mementos they made for you by putting them on display with LEDs.

Another great way to combine artwork and LED lights is to back-light a work of art. Especially if the artwork is done in a medium that promotes this look, such as stained glass, youíll get a beautiful effect. Many photos can also be lit up in this way. Just experiment with different placements of the LED strips until you have an effect that you like.

Water Features

Water displays also combine well with LEDs. For example, if you have an aquarium, you can light it from underneath or from the back with LED accent lighting. You can also experiment with various colored LEDs. And since LEDs donít emit heat, you donít have to worry about adversely affecting your fish. If you have an indoor water fountain, you can put waterproof LEDs around (or even in) the water. This creates a great soothing effect, especially if you use green or blue LEDs.


Outdoors, you can put a strip of LEDs around the planters in your garden or around the stems of plants, right below the point where the leaves start sprouting. The idea is to light the plants from underneath, which can make your garden look more lush and soothing. If you have a gravel path in your garden, you can put strips of LEDs on each side of it so that itís distinctly visible in the night. Judiciously using LEDs in your garden can create an otherworldly, magical look.

Not only are LEDs the more practical solution, lasting longer than any other lights on the market today, theyíre also great for creating mood lighting. Contact us for LEDs that will create a distinct look for your home or garden.