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Linear Light Calculator

Rope lights, neon lights, tape light, and most flexible linear lights, are wired into sections; the length of which can vary depending on the type and voltage of light used. While this construction design makes it possible to custom cut the light into manageable sizes for a project, it can also make getting the correct length confusing as you have to factor in the predetermined section length...or what we call the "cutting interval."

For that reason, we've made this handy linear light calculator to help you determine the length of light you will be able to use. Start with your optimum, desired length of light, then enter in the appropriate "cutting interval" size. The calculator will then figure out how long your linear light will be able to be, based on the size of the prewired sections.

Refer to individual product specifications for allowable maximum run length.


Enter only numeric values. Non-numeric values will cause errors.

* Number of sections required is rounded to the nearest whole section.