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Energy Rebates

What is an energy rebate?

Special incentives, tax exemptions, and credits are available to encourage consumers and end-users to opt for products that boast greater energy efficiency.

Energy rebates are important to consumers because they essentially mean that you are being paid to save. When you implement lighting that cuts down on the amount of energy used in a given space, it saves you money on your energy bill, which adds up substantially over time.

Another critical selling point of energy rebates is that they help to offset a high initial outlay of capital for energy-efficient lighting which might, at first blush, seem daunting to the consumer until he or she realizes the ultimately significant savings that will be realized over the long haul.

Many people prefer energy-efficient products simply for their positive impact on the environment. But the fiscal incentives that accompany energy-efficient products make them an even more alluring option. When we save costly resources and conserve energy, we ultimately end up saving something else: money. And that kind of savings is universal in its appeal and legitimacy.

Making sure to use light fixtures that are energy efficient in commercial buildings, whether for new construction or a renovation, will result in significant savings. Take Three Lighting is keen to how meticulous the balance can be between costs and the expectations of saving energy. Providing the correct products to help your bottom line reflect a positive return on investment is our specialty.

In our article about Understanding Your ROI, our example case studies were able to increase their returns on investment significantly by using available energy rebates!

The U.S. Department of Energy has set up a website called the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency ( to help make it easy for consumers and end users to find applicable energy rebates in their area. It summarizes incentives established by the federal and state governments that include tax incentives, grants, loans, rebates, industry recruitment/support, performance-based incentives, and "green" building incentives. Navigating through the DSIREUSA website for incentives on energy-efficient lighting shows that one could realize rebates of up to 30 percent of cost — and sometimes even more — with the purchase and use of certain energy-efficient lighting.

So, whether you intend to save the world or not, you could end up saving significant money with the use of energy-efficient lighting products available at Take Three Lighting, plus the potential added benefits of rebates and incentives, too.