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Strip Lighting

Strip light fixtures are often used to supply substantial uplight in commercial cove areas, such as office building atriums and elevator lobbies. For inexpensive general illumination in non-public areas, strip light fixtures can also be surface mounted directly on the ceiling with the light directed downward.

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If you’re interested in saving money on energy costs for your business while greatly improving your light systems, affordable LED strip lights are a smart choice. Strip lights can be used to provide a substantial amount of uplight for building lobbies, hotel ballrooms, conference rooms, and other high-ceiling commercial cove areas. They’re also excellent for general lighting in non-public areas, and can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, which will focus the light downward.

LED strip lights are highly functional and versatile lighting units that will give you exceptionally high power light without any unnecessary frills. Fixtures can be made from die-formed cold rolled steel with a reflective coated finish. Strip lights are commonly available in different lengths, making it easier to outfit long, linear runs. Benefits include low installation costs and improved energy efficiency for lower utility bills.