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Strip Lighting

Strip light fixtures are often used to supply substantial uplight in commercial cove areas, such as office building atriums and elevator lobbies. For inexpensive general illumination in non-public areas, strip light fixtures can also be surface mounted directly on the ceiling with the light directed downward.

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If you’re interested in saving money on energy costs for your business while greatly improving your light systems, these affordable fluorescent and LED strip lights are a smart choice. Strip lights can be used to provide a substantial amount of uplight for elevator lobbies, building atriums, conference rooms, and other commercial cove areas. They’re also excellent for general lighting in non-public areas, and can be mounted directly onto the ceiling, which will focus the light downward. These are highly functional units that will give you exceptional high power light without any unnecessary frills. Fixtures are made from die-formed cold rolled steel with a reflective coated finish. They’re available in different lengths. Benefits include low installation costs and improved energy efficiency for lower utility bills.

Fluorescent lighting in offices helps to reduce energy cost, while LED strip lights go even further in cost savings. T8 lamps use approximately 40 percent less energy than the older T12 lamps, while LED lamps are 30 percent more efficient than the T8 bulbs. Regarding lifespan, LED lamps can last 50,000 hours, compared to 30,000 hours for a T8 fluorescent lamp. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury, making them eco-friendlier. Both light sources, because of recent technological advances, are more comfortable than ever for workers putting in long hours.

With linear strip lighting, you can illuminate large areas. The light is dispersed without casting distracting shadows. These linear strip lights, available in shorter lengths, can also be mounted in difficult-to-reach areas. Because the bulbs are long-lasting, maintenance time and cost is greatly reduced. These types of strip lighting fixtures can also be used as effective shop lights or utility lights in a warehouse or garage.