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Vaportight Fixtures

Vaportight light fixtures are ideal for applications where dust, dirt, humidity, and moisture are present. Often used in commercial and industrial applications, these special luminaires are designed to withstand these harsher environments.

Common uses for vaportight lights include building exteriors, doorways/entrances, canopies, construction sites, platforms, call stations, bridges/walkways, and much more.

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By replacing your outdated traditional HID, high-pressure sodium, and fluorescent light sources with newer LED fixtures from Take Three Lighting, you can save up to 85 percent in energy costs. In addition, LED replacement lights boast an extremely long life, meaning you wonít have to buy replacements as often or spend as much time and labor replacing and installing lights. Thatís good for the environment as well as your wallet, because these long-lasting lights will save space at landfills and cut down on carbon emissions while cutting down on bank emissions for you.

Even though LED vaportight industrial fixtures are soft on the environment and your wallet, they are tough and durable, and will stand up to rigorous use. We offer a wide variety of vaportight fixtures suitable for commercial and industrial uses.

LED jelly jars, for instance, are ideal for building exteriors, entrances, elevator shafts, platforms, and construction sites where you need a compact, yet durable light source. Boasting heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum construction, these tough fixtures come with screw-on wire guards to protect the light from damage due to flying debris or being hit, silicone gasketing for weathertight seals, and repaintable textured powder-coat finishes to stand up to the depredations of humans as well as the weather. Universal mounting allows for traditional and inverted operation of these versatile products, which are IP65 rated to protect against dust and water.

We also offer higher output linear LED vapor-tight light fixtures that will save you energy and cut your operating costs. This style of fixture can be mounted on ceilings or walls, and which are suitable for high-bay or low-bay environments. They are rugged luminaires that are ideal for many types of commercial and industrial uses, including parking garages, gas stations, stairwells, warehouses, and manufacturing. You will want to consider them anywhere you need a tough, dependable, and energy-saving lighting fixture.