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LED Rope Lights by Color

Create a dazzling display indoors or outdoors with these high-quality cool white, warm white, and colored LED lights. Shop by LED color and discover the many creative uses of energy efficient LED rope lights for your home or commercial space.

Outdoors, these LED rope lights create wonderful brightness and warmth during the holiday season, whether they’re used to decorate a private residence or a place of business. String them along the building’s perimeter and around windows and doorways. They can also be hung on trees and shrubbery.

Indoors, LED rope lights can be effectively used as elegant accent lighting in a nightclub, restaurant, hotel lobby, or at home. Decorate stairways, hallways, or string along a fireplace mantle or ceiling molding year-round to enhance the decor. Certain LED lighting colors are perfect for special occasions—red and green LED lights for Christmas, green for St. Patrick’s Day, pink LED rope lights for Valentine’s Day or for weddings. Purple and amber LED lights are regal colors, and blue LED lights has an understated elegance and a calming effect, so all three are ideal for upscale restaurants or clubs. Cool white and warm white LED rope lights have a sophisticated appearance, so they’re both appropriate for corporate events.

You can choose from directional or omnidirectional LED string lighting, in either a pre-cut length or custom cut. We have 150-foot spools, or you can purchase rope lights by the foot, in any length you need. You’ll also find rope light kits available in different lengths that include a removable power cord with rectifier, removable end caps and mounting clips. Our LED rope lights are UL-listed. LED lighting is superior to incandescent lighting, since they’re far more energy efficient with a rated lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. They’re also extremely durable.

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