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Blue LED Rope Lighting

Decorate for the holidays, add a splash of dramatic style to your business or put some pizzazz in your home with blue LED rope lights from our extensive selection. These dramatic lights make perfect indoor and outdoor decorations for Christmas, the Fourth of July and any other day of the year. Outline your pool with these blue LED lights to create a dynamic look all summer long; put them around a special feature in your garden or in your home to highlight and draw attention to the right focal points. Since the bulbs are colored, not the tubing, these LED rope lights are practically invisible when they're not turned on.

The blue directional LED rope lights in our inventory are available in bulk spools. These directional LEDs provide bright, unwavering light that shines through extreme temperatures, day and night.

For more muted tones, you'll need our LED 2-Wire 1/2-inch 120v Omnidirectional Blue Rope Lights, which are available in bulk spools. Like the directional LED lights in our catalog, these omnidirectional lights come in clear weatherproof tubing. We also carry several LED rope light accessories, including controllers, which can give you total power over how your lights look and operate.

Whether you're adding spunk to your deck, a burst of color to your poolside area, or winding these gorgeous LED lights around a Christmas tree, you'll love that they're reliable and versatile enough for any application.