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Warm White LED Rope Lights

Easily the most popular color of LED rope light, these warm white LEDs mimic the warm, orange-hued appearance of a traditional incandescent filament bulb, but with the added benefits that only LEDs can bring...long lifespan and drastically reduced energy usage and costs.

There's a good reason for the immense popularity enjoyed by the warm white color of LED lights. The remind users of old-fashioned filament bulbs with their slightly amber tinged hue. Order Warm White 120v LED Rope Lights from Take Three Lighting and find out why this color of LED light is in such heavy demand. While it may recall the days of yore and the tradition of the old light bulb, these LED rope lights provide you with all the modern advantages of today's cutting-edge LEDs. They'll last you a long time and save you a lot on your utility bills.

Choose from directional or omnidirectional Warm White LED lights. With directional lighting, you can make a striking visual impact and grab someone's attention quickly. Directional orientation, focused on a single direction, is brighter than horizontal, or omnidirectional, LED lights. But omnidirectional lights can provide for a smoother, more uniform light output. Each style has its proponents, and each has its advantages. You'll have a clear advantage no matter which type of LED Warm White lighting you select.

Don't forget to complete your warm white LED rope light installation with our full line of LED rope light accessories.