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Red LED Rope Lights

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or you want to add an extra-special touch any time of year, red LED rope lights are the way to go. These bright, vibrant LED lights can breathe new life into any space, inside or outdoors, and help create a memorable space that you and your guests will love. Intertwine them with a strand of green during winter months or wrap them with white and blue for summer; no matter what you do with these gorgeous red rope lights, they’ll really make an impression.

The LED 120v Rope Lights in our catalog are available in bulk spools and designed with built-in cut points, so you can tailor the length to meet your needs. Directional red rope lights give off clear, pinpointed illumination to highlight borders, provide contrast or draw attention to a focal point.

Our omnidirectional red LED lights give off a subtle glow, so they’re perfect for hanging above cupboards, beneath bars and any other place that requires a softer, gentler look. We have bulk spools of these omnidirectional red lights, so they’re ideal for small, medium and large projects.

Red LED rope lights provide several advantages over traditional linear rope or string lighting. They can be mounted in tracks or with special mounting brackets, and they’re neatly packaged in clear plastic tubing. That means they’re virtually invisible unless they’re turned on; once they’re on, they create a dazzlingly dramatic effect. They’re also easy on your wallet, burning less energy and lasting longer than most other rope lighting. A single strand of red LED rope lights can last for decades, so you spend less on replacement bulbs and save big in the long run.