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Amber Rope Lights

Give any space a warm, golden tone with amber rope lights. These soft, soothing lights give a special ambiance to homes, restaurants, and other establishments without being bright or distracting. Since they're wrapped in a clear tube that's weather-resistant, this colored rope lighting makes a gorgeous accent around landscape features, trees, and other outdoor fixtures.

Directional amber rope lights provide excellent illumination in indoor and outdoor environments. We also carry omnidirectional amber rope lights to provide a gentle, soft light around cutouts, coves and more. These amber LED lights are ideal for fall celebrations, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, because they provide a splash of warm color wherever you need it. You don't have to limit these beautiful lights to seasonal use, though; they're great year round, in almost any application. Many people outline property perimeters, highlight sidewalk edges, and decorate trees with these reliable, weatherproof amber lights.

Whether you need bright or subtle lights, these amber rope lights are ideal for almost any location. The rated lifespan of most of the amber LED lights in our collection is over 60,000 hours, which means you get more for your money. These 120v amber LED rope lights are perfect for landscaping and indoor use wherever you need to add warm tones and rich illumination.