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Cool White LED Rope Lights

Add a frosty touch to your indoor or outdoor space with Cool White LED Rope Lights from our collection. These bright, vibrant white lights can be the perfect accent to pools, patios, alcoves, and more, and they’re as affordable as they are attractive.

We carry directional and omnidirectional white LED lights to give you the ability to create a fresh, unique look. Directional white LEDs exude bright pinpoints of light from their protective tubing, while omnidirectional lights feature a softer, all-around glow. Since they’re so flexible and versatile, they can be combined with other rope light strands for holidays, special occasions, or any other day of the year. Either way you look at it, these white rope light spools can give you the illumination you need to make any part of your space, inside or outside, stand out the way you want it to.

Wrap strands of directional white LED lights around trees to celebrate the seasons or use them to highlight property boundaries. Run them along stairwells to illuminate steps or tuck them in the top of cubbyholes to brighten corners and showcase their contents. We carry LED 2-Wire 1/2-inch 120v Directional Rope Light in Cool White in bulk spools and we’ll also be happy to custom cut any length for you.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to lighting your space. Choose cost-effective, long-lasting and versatile cool white LEDs to transform your space into something packed with so much pizzazz it’s impossible to forget. Since these filament-free LED lights will give you thousands of hours of brightening enjoyment without posing unnecessary fire hazards or breakage risks, they’re the smart choice for homeowners and business owners alike.