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Nora Onyx LED Downlights

The Onyx series of LED downlight trims from Nora Lighting are an economical downlight solution for residential and light-commercial applications. Featuring 650-750 lumens of high quality 90+ CRI light output, these 4" and 5"/6" trims are perfect for most common ceiling heights between 8 feet and 10 feet.

Use a standard reflector trim when you want to maximize light output, such as in a kitchen or hallway, or a baffle trim when you need to minimize glare coming from the ceiling, such as in a living room or office. Adjustable styles are also available, allowing you to tilt the light and point it at a wall or focal point.

With the included E26 medium base adapter, replacing your old downlights is easy. Simply remove the existing bulb and trim, screw the Nora Onyx trim into the existing socket and snap the trim assembly into place inside the can housing. For new construction or remodel applications, the Nora Onyx LED downlight trims are compatible with most common IC rated and non-IC rated housings.