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Pink LED Neon Flex

Dress up any architectural feature or outdoor display with our pink LED neon flex lighting. With the power and longevity of LED lights plus the flexibility of rope lighting, these accent lights are unlike any other neon lights youíve seen. Wrap them gracefully around columns, line walkways, create a spring retail display, add a romantic aura to a hotel lounge, and much more. These lights are especially useful for Valentineís Day and Easter decorative holiday lighting in stores, restaurants, and offices. Our direct view LED lights are designed to provide years of versatile, affordable use for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike.

Traditional linear neon lights are limited in their design possibilities, generate a lot of heat from unused energy and can cost thousands of dollars a year to operate in commercial settings. By using LED neon rope lights, you get a glow thatís more powerful and more efficient. For example, standard voltage LED flex lights use less than three watts of electricity per foot, less than a third as much as regular neon lights. Your retail store sign, event lighting, or hotel lobby will thus emit a mesmerizing hue while costing far less to maintain and operate. It wonít go out if an LED falters either, as the parallel wiring keeps the rest of the strip glowing brightly.

From accenting architectural features to lining the stage of a theater or dance floor, affordably-priced pink neon LEDs open up a world of possibilities. You can save even more by ordering in bulk. These lights are designed so that they can be cut to custom intervals either by the user or our experts while retaining the ability to be used outdoors or with dimming systems. Combine them with our other flex LED light colors such as red, green and bright white to create a sensational lighting display. Each option comes with a one-year warranty and our customer support.