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Green LED Neon Flex

When the goal of your accent or decorative lighting is to catch people’s attention, green LED neon flex lights are a bright and efficient choice. These bright, long-lasting lights are designed for versatile use in a variety of commercial and home settings. Green lights are commonly used at night as eyes are highly sensitive to this color, while the hue itself is associated with safety. As such, green LED neon lights are perfect for signs, lobbies, hotels, storefronts, and other places where you want to draw people in while helping them feel comfortable. They are also commonly used for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day decorations to highlight a tree or pot of gold.

Our green LED lighting is rated for both indoor and outdoor displays at an affordable price. The wires that power these SMD LEDs are constructed with a parallel design. This means that if one or two bulbs go out, you will still have bright, continuous light. Both the closely spaced LEDs and the PVC-reinforced opaque jacket are a bright green color. It’s like a 150-foot long glow stick – if glow sticks were rated to last 30,000 hours. Of course, not everyone needs that much light for a corporate sign or dance party room, which is why you can order custom lengths of neon flex lighting or cut it to fit yourself. (Cutting intervals vary depending on the type of flex light.)

LED neon flex lighting is up to 70 percent more efficient than regular neon lighting. Because it requires comparatively little wattage to run, it emits almost no heat during operation, meaning you’ll spend less on other utilities when used indoors. We have standard voltage and low voltage LED neon lights that can be wrapped around, down, and through almost anything for dazzlingly creative displays. Contact us to learn more about wholesale and volume discounts through our pro accounts if you have multiple places to use these rope accent lights.