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Red LED Neon Flex

Arouse people’s attention and give them something to talk about by using red LED neon flex lighting in your next project or display. Red is the most stimulating of the major colors, as it raises people’s intensity and gets them to make decisions faster. As such, red neon LED lights are a wise choice for retail signs, automotive shops, restaurants, and clubs. They are also right at home in numerous holiday displays including Christmas, Independence Day, and Valentine’s Day, especially when used with our other colored LED flex lights. These bendable but durable lights are an economically-priced way to make a bold statement.

Each spool or custom-cut length of red LED neon flex lighting is filled with tightly spaced high-performance LEDs that are shielded by an opaque jacket and reinforced lens. The result is superior optical quality with housings strong enough for outdoor and indoor use. By using a compatible light control system, you can dim the lights for a softer, more romantic edge or leave them at full capacity to get hearts jumping. With a significantly higher luminous efficacy rating than traditional gas neon lights, red neon LED lighting burns brighter while using less energy. The result is great-looking, effective signs and displays that cost up to 70 percent less to operate.

Flexible LED neon lights are for anyone who wants to fit lights into tight corners or wrap them around large objects without dealing with lots of separate lamps. Whatever width, length, or voltage rating you order, you will receive red lights that are rated for years of continuous use and come with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. Use them for romantic restaurants, lounges, concerts, and anywhere you need smooth, full light with an eye-catching glow. Choose one of our custom cut flex LED light options if you have a specific project in mind or order a full spool to save money. Greater savings are available with a Pro Account.