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LED Neon Flex by Color

Bright neon flex LED rope lighting is the easy and affordable way to add color, pizzazz, and flair to your residential or commercial building. This flexible linear lighting can be used indoors or outdoors to enhance architecture, corporate displays, and entertainment venues. Youíll get the same stunning visual effects as traditional neon lighting combined with the improved longevity and reduced energy usage of LED lighting. Shatterproof LED neon lights can cost up to 70 percent less to operate than regular glass neon lights and are easy to install for years of smooth, continuous light. They also give off no excess heat, making them safer and more comfortable for enclosed spaces.

Red LED Neon Flex
We have a number of neon flex lighting color options including bright white, blue, green, and orange, along with color-changing RGB lights. Each one has high-output LED lamps spaced tightly underneath a PVC-reinforced jacket that enhances the optics while allowing the spools to be bent, curved, and twisted to accommodate the installation. They can even be cut in intervals so you donít have excess lighting to bundle up at the ends. Our flexible LED linear lights have a parallel wire design so that if a single LED bulb goes out, the rest will continue to burn brightly. Full spools are also wet location rated for use in inclement weather or by the nearest pool.

With a rated lifespan of 30,000 hours or more, you can count on years of high-quality LED neon lighting for enhancing your corporate brand or creating a festive display. These dimmable accent lights are used by retail stores, casinos, concert centers, cruise ships, and many other places to set the right mood and atmosphere. They can also be used as holiday lighting or for municipal displays. Free shipping and wholesale discounts are available on qualifying orders so you can get the LED flex lighting you need at an affordable price. Select your favorite color to get started!