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Bathroom Vanity Lights

When you need to be able to see your face for washing or grooming, a bathroom vanity lighting fixture is the solution. These wall-mounted lights have a horizontal design that makes them ideal for going above a mirror or sink. Their soft ambient glow provides the right layer of light for when you’re brushing your teeth, shaving, or applying make-up. Here you’ll find a variety of bathroom vanity lights for private homes, hotel rooms, offices, and public toilets. A vanity fixture also works well in dressing rooms and other places where personal grooming is common.

We carry a variety of bathroom wall lighting from leading brands to fit all types of décor, including traditional, modern, contemporary, and industrial. Multi-bulb vanities combine several lights onto a single fixture, using the spacing to add intrigue. Two-light, three-light and four-light vanity lighting is common for washrooms and mirrors of different sizes. You can also order single-light sconces, so you have complete control over their placement. A linear LED bathroom vanity light is another option that uses a single bar much like task lighting. These lights are popular for minimalist décor and for places where you want a classic look.

Vanity lighting is available in several voltages, wattages, lumen outputs, and finishes to fit your brightness and setup needs. All fixtures are UL-listed for damp areas to handle moisture, while dimmable vanity lights let you set the brightness depending on daylight levels or the desired mood. You can also feature the architecture or create shadow effects by using uplighting or downlighting in your fixture. By choosing LED lights, you will save money by using up to 90 percent less energy than older incandescent bulbs. Most linear fixtures come with an integral LED light source already installed, while multi-light fixtures often require ordering bulbs separately, allow you to choose the right style to light up the bathroom.