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Wall Mount Sconce and Vanity Lighting

Wall-mounted fixtures, wall sconces, and bathroom vanity lights can lend a decorative flair and distinction to any room, and they’re a great way to provide layers of light where you need it. They’re also great when you need to illuminate a space, particularly the floor for safety reasons, and a ceiling-mounted light is impractical to install, such as stairwells. Bathroom vanity fixtures provides the needed amount of light to illuminate your face, perfect for around sinks and makeup vanities in private toilets or public restrooms. Take Three Lighting has a wide selection of wall mount sconce and vanity lighting available in low wattage accents to high output luminaires. You can find wall sconces with a dimmable option and save big on your utility bill by opting for LED lights, which are vastly more energy efficient.

We offer a range of wall mount fixture options from brand names like Maxim Lighting, Nora Lighting, ET2, Access Lighting, Kuzco, and Efficient Lighting.

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