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Trulux Tunable White LED Tape Light

The Trulux Tunable White LED Tape Light has the unique ability to allow you to customize the white light output of the tape light and drastically alter the mood and atmosphere of your environment.

The Tunable White is extremely useful in projects where you need to be able to change the feeling of a space at any given time, or throughout the day. Perhaps you have an office space or restaurant where you need a warm amber glow in the early morning to ease your patrons or staff into their day, then you want a cool, blue white light during the afternoon to keep people alert. Conference centers, hotels, and other hospitality venues can also benefit from this color temperature flexibility. Whether it's the meeting room or the hotel room, the mood created by the white light can be tailored to fit the needs of your client.

The other great reason to go with a Tunable White tape light? Well sometimes you just can't decide on a single color temperature for your project, or you're just not sure which one would really look best. With Trulux Tunable White LED tape light, you can experiment with the color temperature and find the one that looks the best in your space.

Simple Setup

Watch the video below for tip on how to install the Trulux Tunable White tape light: