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Trulux Single Color White LED Tape Light

Trulux Single Color tape light produces a static white light in variety of color temperatures. Choose from 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K to give you the right type of light and set the mood you need for your application, whether it be a warm amber glow or a cooler true white.

All Trulux Single Color White LED Tape Lights come with an extremely high 94+ CRI rating to give you accurate color rendering that will make objects pop.

Choosing the Right Tape

The Trulux white tape lights come in three different configurations with different brightnesses. But how do you know which one is for you? Here's a quick summary and breakdown:

Trulux Single Color White
Light Output Cuttability Max Run
Standard Up to 155 Lm/ft Every 6.56" 32.8 ft
High Output Up to 310 Lm/ft Every 3.94" 22 ft
Spec Grade Up to 570 Lm/ft Every 1.94" 13.1 ft

  • Trulux Standard is best for basic accent lighting applications where a moderate amount of light is needed such as cove lighting, toe kicks, and some cabinet lighting.
  • Trulux High Output is best for accent lighting and task lighting applications where a high amount of light output is needed such as undercabinet and work surface lighting, display cases, and stair/railing egress lighting.
  • Trulux Spec Grade is for projects that have immense light output requirements. As an accent light, it can be used in applications where the accent light is desired to be seen from a long distance away or is in a very large room. In a retail environment, the Spec Grade can provide an intense concentration of light on display cases to make the merchandise pop; especially usefully for jewelry. When coupled with aluminum extrusions, the Spec Grade tape light can be fashioned into a custom light fixture that goes beyond a typical "accent light", and rather becomes a primary source of general illumination in a room.

Simple Setup

Watch the below video for a quick overview of how to setup Trulux tape light.