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Tulux RGB & RGBW Color Changing LED Tape Light

Color changing light is where the party's at! This is where accent lighting gets really fun.

Set the mood. Get their attention.

Perfect for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and retail environments (and a whole lot more), color changing light really gives your venue that extra visual PUNCH that not only catches your patron's eyes, but can make their visit to your business memorable. And every business wants to stick out in the minds of their customers.

The Trulux family of LED tape lights will help you accomplish this. With two flavors of color-changing tape, you can get exactly the type of light you need for your project.

  • RGB: Uses high output 3-in-1 5050 type LED SMD chips to emit red, green, and blue light in various hues and intensities. This provides a rainbow of colors at your fingertip.
  • RGBW: In addition to the RGB 5050 chips, this tape light adds in a dedicated 3000K white LED chip at alternating chip locations. Producing a white light, or giving some hues of color a certain "warmth", can be very difficult to accomplish with strict RGB light. But the addition of a dedicated white chip (aka white-mixing) enables the tape light to reproduce a larger gamut of colors. High dynamic range; full-spectrum color. If you need access to hard-to-reproduce colors or will need your RGB light to become a "white light" at certain times, then the RGBW tape light is for you.