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Trulux LED Tape Light System

The Right Light for the Job

The full Trulux product lineup has you covered for just about every linear accent lighting application. Whether indoor, outdoor, or underwater, there's a Trulux product to match. And whether white or full-color; there's a Trulux product to match. And even if you know you want white light, but are not sure which temperature of white light is right for you...there's a Trulux tape light for that too.

For stunning, high-quality, flexible strip lights, choose the Trulux product line from American Lighting. This well-engineered tape lighting is perfect for most all linear accent lighting applications — indoors, outdoors and even underwater. Trulux flexible lights are easily controlled for a wide range of lighting effects. You can choose from white; red, green and blue or red, green, blue and white linear lights. The RGB LED lighting strip creates a dramatic wash of colors, and with the white ribbon lights, you can choose from different color temperatures for the desired quality of light. For a very warm amber white, chose 2400K. The 2700K and 3000K provide a soft white light, while 4000K is for a bright white (cool white) light.

To program and control Trulux LED tape lighting, you can use various kinds of wireless RF controllers or use the Trulux app on your smartphone over WiFi. You can even use wired DMX for a larger lighting installation. With these flexible lights, you can put the strip lights into enclosures, giving them the same appearance as light bars. Advantages of Trulux lights include affordability and the ability to adjust the size by cutting the 16-foot spools to any length needed. They perform extremely well and you can easily add accessories. They’re a smart, cost-effective solution that give you a lot of bang for your buck.

There are many possible uses for Trulux strip lights, both for private residences and businesses. Use this LED tape lighting for interior accent lighting installations such as for home shelf lighting and cabinets, cove lighting, kitchen toe kicks and retail or museum display cases. LED tape lights are perfect for interior accent lights in bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, theaters and for other entertainment and hospitality facilities.

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