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3/8" Rope Light Accessories

3/8" Clear End Cap (10 pk)
Our Price: $2.00
An important part of a successful light installation is having the right tools and accessories to bring your creative ideas to life. These LED rope light accessories are designed to be used with 3/8” rope lights. You’ll find items such as power cord kits, splices and splice connector pins, shrink tubing, mounting clips, and UV-rated rope light mounting tracks.

With these top-quality three-eights-inch rope light accessories, you can easily install your rope lights along both straight and curved surfaces around your home or business. They’re easy to use and extremely durable. Mounting tracks can be used for straight-line installations, and UV-rated means that they can be used outdoors, along a building perimeter, a sign, pathways, or to illuminate landscaping. Mounting clips are useful for curvy designs, such as around lettering, curved pathways or decorative wall designs. Heat-activated shrink tubing can be used to secure rope light splice connections, around end caps, and to surround power cords to keep the connections weather-resistant (when also used with silicone sealant).

Rope lights, in addition to being flexible for many shapes, are also extremely versatile. They can be used for outdoor lighting, when you’d like an even spread of light, rather than just spot lighting. In addition to being far more energy efficient than incandescent lights, LED rope lights provide more light and last much longer without having to replace bulbs. Rope lighting is excellent as accent lighting that can be strung along a ceiling’s crown molding or installed inside a display cabinet. LED rope lighting is also highly effective as under cabinet lighting, effectively lighting the countertop. Use rope lights along indoor or outdoor stair steps for both safety and decorative purposes. They can also be installed along dark hallways or in the toe kick of cabinets and casework.

Another great use of rope lights is for indirect mood lighting. They’re a quick and easy way to add elegant ambiance to a home’s living room, a restaurant dining room or a hotel lobby. And of course, rope lights are extremely popular lighting fixtures for the holidays!