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3/8" Rope Light

3/8" rope light has a smaller outer diameter than standard half inch rope light. Its smaller dimensions allow it to be more flexible and bendable. As such, 3/8" LED rope lights are often used when you need create very curvy shapes or more intricately designed patterns in your accent lighting, such as signs or retail displays.

LED rope lights are an economical and energy efficient way to create beautiful, vibrant light displays. They can be used as highly effective accent lighting for entrances, stairways, holiday displays, outdoor building perimeters, landscaping and architectural features. These smaller three-eighths-inch rope light spools are ideal when you need illumination around very curvy shapes or intricate patterns, as they’re more flexible and easier to work with, thanks to the smaller size. They have a smaller outer diameter than the standard half-inch rope lights, and this size makes the rope light strand more bendable around curvy designs in your home or for retail displays.

Available in several vibrant colors, these 3/8-inch LED rope lights are offered in economically priced 150-foot spools. The lights are dimmable with most CFL/LED and electronic low voltage dimmers, and each rope light spool comes with a pre-attached 5-foot power cord kit. The entire spool of LED lights, installed as is without cutting, is UL rated for wet locations and can be safely used outdoors. These white and colored LED lights are far more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and they also have a much longer lifespan — up to 100,000 hours. This means tremendous savings in both utility and maintenance costs, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner.

There are many uses for these high-quality LED rope lights. They’re most commonly seen as part of residential and commercial holiday decorations, but they can be effectively used to create stunning light effects all year long. For restaurant and club owners, they can be used along the length of a bar, around entrances and as decorative lighting on walls for ambient light. These 3/8-inch rope lights enhance public safety and security in an elegant, sophisticated way. Business and homeowners can also use LED rope lights as a cost-effective way to illuminate landscaping features, such as gardens, man-made ponds, pools, and waterfalls.