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Remodel LED Fixtures and Housings

Remodel-style downlights are comprised of a fully enclosed housing that is designed to be installed after a ceiling is already in place. The light fixture is then installed from below. These fixtures will mount directly to, and are completely supported by, the drywall ceiling itself.

Some housings have an integrated light source, while others will require a separate light source (LED retrofit module or lamp).

Get a Custom Quote for Downlights

Contact us today and let us assemble a custom quote for your bulk remodel downlight needs.

When remodeling any home, upgrade the lighting with beautiful recessed downlights that feature LED technology. These LED downlights are specially-designed to fit into existing homes for fast and frustration-free installation. Our recessed fixtures for remodels are a great way to modernize your home or commercial property. LED lights are not only designed to conserve energy, but they last for tens of thousands of hours. These fixtures operate at more than 80 percent efficiency, so you won�t be surprised when you receive your electric bill every month. In fact, you�ll be rather pleased.

Today�s remodel LED recessed downlights have enough lumen output to emit plenty of light, even in the largest rooms. On your next remodel project, swap your dated fixtures and install super-efficient LED downlights in your existing ceiling for the immediate benefits of improved light quality, long life, and energy savings. Plus, here at Take Three, all fixtures come with a multi-year manufacturer�s warranty, giving you reliability and peace of mind.